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One day a group of friends and I were playing a game where we were asked a series of questions, one being what our favorite color was and why. Skeptical of why we had to have a reason for liking a color I did not put much thought into my response, but simply said “purple because it’s kind of girlie, but not.” Later in the game, we were told our responses were supposed to represent the way we see ourselves. From there, girliebutnot kind of stuck with me. I felt it was as a way to sum up who I am as a person as well as my style.


I just want to make fun things that make people feel happy and confident! Life is too short to wear boring shit. 

What started as a creative outlet, has now turned turned into something much more. I've had so much fun creating what I have this far and can't wait to bring you even more girliebutnot.



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