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“I’m a second year at UCLA double majori

"Like, rock that bad ass pantsuit, shop in the mens section, stand up for your beliefs and speak your mind to anyone and everyone."

ARTEMIS:  I’m artemis! I’m 19 years old and I go to UCLA. I’ve lived all over California from orange county to san francisco to Bakersfield, and now LA :) I’m Persian and Mexican so i’ve grown up around a pretty unique blend of cultures — something I’ve grown to appreciate so much as I’ve gotten older. I also grew up with a single dad, which has definitely made a huge impact on who I am and what I believe to be femininity.
GBN: What are you doing in life currently?
ARTEMIS:  I’m a second year at UCLA double majoring in communications and psychology. I’m torn between a couple different career paths right now but i’m just trying to have fun while I figure it all out lol.

I love vintage and antiques and I’m currently in the process of collabing with a friend to start our own vintage store @cherry.pickings. In the near future I’m hoping to get our vintage store going and I plan on snagging an internship in San Francisco this summer before going off to Madrid to study abroad in the fall! 

GBN: The weirdest/quirkiest characteristic, fact or thing about yourself.
ARTEMIS: I speak 3 languages, which I’m pretty proud of. Farsi (Persian), Spanish and English ofc. Fun fact my first language was Farsi and I actually didn’t speak english until I went to pre-school and learned it from the other kids in my class. Little foreign child lol.
GBN: Favorite thing in life right now?
ARTEMIS: Recently I’ve been discovering a ton of my mom’s old clothes/purses/jewelry that I’ve been incorporating into my wardrobe. She inspires me every day, not only because of her iconic style but just because she was such an amazing human. I love learning more about her, and I try to make her proud every day.
“I speak 3 languages, which I’m pretty p
“Honestly I’ve been so freaking proud to
GBN: What are your passions?
ARTEMIS: I love learning about people. I’m really curious about different cultures and places and honestly just love learning about people’s quirks and ticks and life stories. I also love thinking. Some of my favorite moments in life are when I’m just alone with my thoughts. I channel my creative side through clothes…. I think I love fashion it because there are no rules. I can express exactly how I feel on a certain day by what I put on my body. Having the freedom to wear whatever the hell I want makes me feel confident, authentic, and truly me — which is what I think self expression is all about.
GBN: What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?
ARTEMIS:  It will all work out. You’re doing great. 

I’ve always been my own worst critic. I've always held myself to a really high standard for everything, and it used to stress me out so much that I couldn’t control the outcomes of things and didn't know if things would workout. The past year or so, I’ve gained such a different appreciation for life that doesn't revolve around always having to have a plan. I take everything day by day and try to make more time to do what I love and spend time with people I love. Sounds cliche but life’s really about the little things. I’m just doing the best I can and that’s more than enough. Everything will work out.

GBN: An experience or time that you’ve been really proud to be a female.
ARTEMIS: Honestly I’ve been so freaking proud to be a female my whole entire life. Being raised by my dad and growing up with a brother and boy cousins allowed me the freedom to grow into whatever woman I wanted to be. I’d say the greatest part of my appreciation for being female is my connection to my mom. I’ve learned so much about her through my dad and the rest of my family. She was classy, poised, headstrong, intelligent and so so loving. She was the definition of a boss lady and is my forever role model. I am so proud that I came from her.
GBN: What do you love most about yourself?
ARTEMIS: I love how much I’ve felt myself grow and change recently. Over the last year or so I’ve experienced so much growth and clarity that has allowed me to become the most authentic version of myself. I feel confident in all that I’m currently doing and happy with the circle of people I have surrounding me. I’ve found peace in a lot of the things that used to stress me out or take up my mental energy. I’ve changed the way I look at people and I find myself appreciating the little things around me more. I’ve become honest with myself in a way that’s made me a better person all around, and I love it.
GBN: Biggest style or lifestyle influences.
ARTEMIS: My mama. Her style was classic chic. Red nails and lips. Gold jewelry. Leather jackets. Seriously such an icon. 
GBN: What does “girlie but not” mean to you: What do you think being a female in this day

and age means? Why is it important?

ARTEMIS: To me, girlie but not means that being a girl has no rules. You don’t have to act, dress, talk, or think a certain way because you’re a female. Like, rock that bad ass pantsuit, shop in the mens section, stand up for your beliefs and speak your mind to anyone and everyone.

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