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Introducing our newest #girliebutnot💘 _

"She reminds me everyday that being a woman is

not a limitation, but a liberation."

LAUREN: My name is Lauren Dattilo and i’m from Riverside, CA. I’m 21 years old and currently attend Pepperdine University studying Integrated Marketing Communications. I try my hardest to make life as fun and purposeful as possible. I try to find the perfect balance of doing things to make myself better for the future while also not taking life too seriously, if that makes any sense. 
GBN: What are you doing in life currently?
LAUREN: I’m currently in school trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life! I’m also trying to grow and better understand the world around me as i go. I think currently, I’m in a weird in between (as a lot of us are) of not knowing what to do after school stops. I feel like i’m about to enter the unknown for the first time in my life. At least, up until this point, school has always been a constant. Now, I'm forced to enter into uncertainty. I think I should be more afraid? Haha but I think right now the most I can do is to not take life too seriously just yet.
GBN: The weirdest/quirkiest characteristic, fact or thing about yourself.
LAUREN: I guess one of the weirdest things is I’ve never felt deja vu. I hardly ever have dreams (which is also super bizarre) so deja vu is still something I’ve yet to experience haha. Also, i make a monthly playlist religiously. I’m not the type of person who ever sticks to a schedule. However, when it comes to music I’m completely off if I haven’t made my playlist yet. It’s probably the most consistent thing in my life (besides my nighttime routine, of course haha).
GBN: Favorite thing in life right now?
LAUREN: As far as a fashion trend, I love how designers are beginning to collectively make more gender fluid clothing. I think gender roles and stereotypes cause more problems than we realize. Why can’t a man wear a dress?? Why is it so hard to find a women’s pant suit that actually looks good?? It’s refreshing to see fashion progressing forward and creating a space for people to be whatever they want to be.
I’m also super into how passionate our generation is about politics and equality in general. I’m proud to be part of a generation that fights so hard to make sure everyone has a voice.
_I make a monthly playlist religiously.
_I’m currently in school trying to figur
GBN: What are your passions?
LAUREN: I think generally, I’m most passionate about whatever makes me feel something. I love art, music, fashion, political movements-- anything that makes me stop whatever i’m doing and think. There is power in the moments of life that drag you out of the mundane and show you maybe you’re moving too fast for your own good. I hope to remain passionate about these moments and never allow myself to become too numb, too routine, or too comfortable. Life is too crazy to not let yourself see the beauty in it sometimes.
GBN: What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?
LAUREN: It took me a long time to finally realize that i am worthy and deserving of meaningful and fulfilling friendships/relationships. I spent too much time surrounded by people who did not challenge me to be better while also loving me where i was at. Acceptance always seemed like this crazy, intangible concept I could never quite grasp. Then I learned amazing things can happen when you realize you're exactly who you're supposed to be, not any idea or construct of what you should be. So I guess I would tell my younger self to never let anyone put you in a box. We are so much more than other’s ideas of us or even our own idea of ourselves. It’s liberating to be unapologetically whatever/whoever you want to be, so don’t waste time and be it!!
GBN: An experience or time that you’ve been really proud to be a female.
LAUREN: It might sound cliche, but my mom is the person who taught me that being a female is something to be proud of. she pursued an education even when she was told it was a waste of time and started her own business even when doubted. So many people told her she would have to quit working if she decided to have kids but NOPE! She raised two kids, ran her own business, and did both exceptionally. She reminds me everyday that being a woman is not a limitation, but a liberation. Women are determined, compassionate, united, boss ass ladies!! And I couldn’t be more proud to be around such empowered women everyday <3
GBN: What do you love most about yourself?
LAUREN: I love that I am open-minded. I take pride in knowing that my opinions are not always the right ones and my perspective is never superior to anyone else’s. Everyone is experiencing a very different life than I am and it’s important to learn perspectives and beliefs that are different than your own. I’m very much a “yes” person and will rarely say no to a crazy idea (like moving to NYC post grad with absolutely no plan hah). I think this has also allowed me to avoid judging or making assumptions about others. I love on people with open arms, free of any preconceived notions and i hope to create a more accepting world!
GBN: Biggest style or lifestyle influences.
LAUREN: Style and lifestyle influences come from all over, but i think my favorite is Emily Weiss. She started one of my favorite makeup brands (Glossier!!) and has an incredible sense of style. She is passionate about empowerment and is paving the way for women.
GBN: What does “girlie but not” mean to you: What do you think being a female in this day

and age means? Why is it important?

LAUREN: Girliebutnot is a perfect phrase to describe the new movement that is women. The majority of my life I was told I could or could not do certain things because I am a female. However, women are finally being liberated to do whatever they want and I think girliebutnot encompasses that entirely. Since we were old enough to walk we have been told what it means to be female, how to act like a “lady”, what is acceptable and not acceptable. But now, women are taking back the right to choose that for themselves. We can be whatever we want to be, free of social restrictions and behavioral norms. I hope every woman feels like she can be whatever she wants to be-- an educator, an empowerer, an advocator, a girlie but not.

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find more of gbn LAUREN on Instagram @laurenndattilo!

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