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_gurl_in_blue_jeep in CA -_ girl in egg

"I’ve won a national belly flop contest."

TARYN:  I’m from Bakersfield, California. I’m 19 years old and I go to Chapman University. I would describe myself as a quirky little girlie who loves to do silly things and try to live her best life.
GBN: What are you doing in life currently?
TARYN: Right now I am attending Chapman University as a dance major. I absolutely love what I’m doing and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.
GBN: The weirdest/quirkiest characteristic, fact or thing about yourself.
TARYN: I’ve won a national belly flop contest aka my go to fun fact lol.
GBN: Favorite thing in life right now?
TARYN: Recently I’ve had the opportunity to do different site specific dance pieces. These pieces include me dancing not on a stage but in public settings like museums, events and the beach. My favorite one I did this summer was a improve piece based on around a sculpture. I love being up close to the audience to see their reaction to my movement.
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GBN: What are your passions?
TARYN: One of my passions in life is wakeboarding hehe. Something about going fast and throwin' flips gives me such a rush.
GBN: What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?
TARYN: Be confident in who you are and the decisions you make. 
GBN: Biggest style or lifestyle influences.
GBN: What does “girlie but not” mean to you: What do you think being a female in this day

and age means? Why is it important?


TARYN: To me, girliebutnot means that as women we are allowed to show our feminine side but also be a boss and take charge.

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